Friday, September 22, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Little of This, Little of That

Last week was tremendously more busy than what my life usually is, and I didn't get a Frugal Friday post written up.  This past week has also been busy!

Frugally in my own life, I'm not sure what's gone on really.

Dillon's (Kroger) has had a catalina deal going that for every $15 you spend in Pet Pride products you get a coupon that is good for $2 off your next shopping order.  It's good through October 7th.  When I seen that a month ago, I stopped ordering my cat food from amazon with earned amazon codes and started buying the cat food at Dillon's.
Honestly, it's cheaper to buy it at the store anyway as it's $9.99 for 16 lbs.

Here are a couple of good blogs to follow to keep up with the current Catalina deals:
TheCentsableShoppin and

October 7th will be here too soon when the offer ends though.  This morning I used my most recent $2 off any purchase coupon and was able to only pay 50 cents for a gallon of milk.

Funny story when I was buying the milk......there was a lady in the store also buying milk.  She asked me if I had heard about the kidnapping.  Here I thought she was being serious until she then told me it turned out ok because he woke up.  LOL!
Her next joke was to ask me why seagulls live by the sea.  Well, if they lived by the bay they would be baygulls (bagels).
It was pretty early for my brain to be processing jokes  hehe.  They were both cute jokes though.

Laugh Own Jokes Funny Quote Postcard

Laugh Own Jokes Funny Quote Postcard

by EnvyClothing

The Kansas State Fair had it's last day this past Sunday.  I love going to the fair and just walking around, but it sure is a hard thing to do without money!  I had my 6 gate passes that I got for just $3 each for entering items in to the fair and hubby got 2 free gate passes from work.  
We found that we could go take an agriculture test and get a coupon for a free ice cream cone at the Dairy Bar.  We did that twice.
We took our own food and drinks in with us, which we always do.  It's a really rare occasion that we actually buy any food inside the fair----as good as it is, it's so expensive (and unhealthy).
You walk through the buildings and pick up free items---notepads, pens, pencils, clips, toothpicks, emery boards, books, and more.  There are also all the dips and soups and other foods that you get to sample as well.
We couldn't afford to go to a concert so we just stood outside the grandstand and watched it for free on the big screen as we listened to the music.  It was Charlie Daniels that I wanted to hear this year.
Here is one of the pictures I took that night of a ferris wheel, and one that I took at the free acrobat show as well.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WIP Wednesday--State Fair is Over

As I suspected, I didn't do a post last week. Of course, being so busy with the state fair and going there so much as well as 5 days of a fundraiser at church, and a celebration of life for my friends daughter, I did no sewing whatsoever that week.

On a good note, I was so surprised to get 2 white, 3rd place ribbons out of the 4 items I entered into the state fair.  I'm still surprised, in fact.    I wasn't expecting to win anything, just wanted to enter items for the first time ever.
I got white ribbons on my yo-yo table runner and my selvage rug.

This past week I've put in a little sewing time.  I am trying to have this baby blanket done by Monday, but the other WIP going on in my family is my daughter having her baby!  In and out of labor and delivery and they just keep sending her back home.  It is getting ridiculous, as she says, and quite annoying  LOL
They are doing a showing at guild on Monday of quilts made with Eleanor Burns' patterns.  This is the one and only one I have.

While I had my cutting mat out, I got a start on getting microwave hotpads started as well.   It sure was nice to have my sewing machine out again!!

Wish me luck on getting things done---most especially getting the yo-yo projects out that must be done by the end of October at the very latest!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

$200 Million by the numbers

The digital rewards Swagbucks just hit a major milestone – they have given their members over $200 million in cash and free gift cards since 2008! 

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Autumn Harvest Collector's Bills - get bonuses for searching the web

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I'm a little late getting the word out to my readers, but there is still plenty of time to search and find all 6 collector bills for the bonus!  Good luck!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WIP Wednesday --Items to the State Fair

Well, I got my 4 entries taken to the state fair, but I was not able to finish the table runner.  In fact, it's only half done.
It's pretty tedious for me to work with the invisible thread, then I found that I didn't have enough red and green yo-yo's made.

I ended up entering the 12 x 34 inch valance that I am done with as a table runner in the holiday section.  This one that I am working on is to be 18 x 40 for the table runner.  I do still also have the second valance to get made.

That is all that I worked on this past week.  I was determined to finish it but just couldn't.  Now I've not worked on it for days....or anything else for that matter.
Hopefully I can get back in the swing of sewing every day again.   This yo-yo project needs to take top priority to work on daily.

Our state fair starts Friday and I will be busy with a fund raiser at church as well as going to the fair of course.  If I don't post next week it will be because I did nothing.......which won't surprise me at all.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Get $3 when you sign up for Swagbucks With The September Referral Bonus

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Food Again

As far as being frugal, this past week has still been about our meals.
I did pull 13 lbs of chicken out of the deep freeze that's been there for a long time.  What I found was that most of it was freezer burnt.

Lesson #1--  Use the food that you have!

I cooked what I could of it in the crockpot, which was still quite a lot.  We had chicken that night then we pulled the rest of the chicken off the bones and it's not in the freezer ready for 2 meals-- a casserole, and chicken fajitas.

I've thought a lot this last week about my mom and how she always has done things at meals.  In my adult life we have ended up living with her for short periods and she is still the same.
She pulls out all leftovers every meal---until they are gone.

Lesson #2-- Use leftovers instead of letting them turn into science experiments in the refrigerator.

Rather than pull out leftovers each meal like my mom, I used to freeze leftovers.  Veggies were put into a larger container in the freezer and used with roast or stew in the crock pot.  Other foods were frozen like they were.    I would then pull them all out twice a month for a banquet meal.   The kids actually loved when I did this and getting to choose what they wanted to eat from many things.

Lesson #3--  No matter what, just try to not let food go to waste, PERIOD!

Whichever way I choose to do it, making sure leftovers get eaten or freezing the leftovers, we must adhere to lesson #3.
Even when (or if) we get our financial life back in order, we still need to not waste anything.

Our local food bank allows people to come for food every 2 months.  It's been quite a bit longer than that since I had went, and I made an appointment.  You would never guess that for meat, we got mostly chicken.   I can be ok with that though because I do love chicken, and there are so many different ways to fix it.

I also got in a bit of money and was able to spend $16 at the grocery store.  I bought tortillas, milk, and cheese along with some non-food items.  I was looking at Sargento cheese slices for a 25 cent rebate on ibotta.  I had a 50 cent coupon, but that only took Sargento down to $3 a package.  I seen that the store brand of the sliced cheese was on sale for $1.88 and had 6 more slices.  I opted to be the wiser shopper and get the store brand.

Well, that's it for this week.  Will next week be more adventures in food, or will I come up with something else to talk about?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August Swago --Don't Miss Out!

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Don't miss out!  Swago is an easy way to earn even more sb!  

WIP Wednesday -- Do I Have Time?

Just 5 days left to finish up my items that I am entering in the state fair.  Is that enough time?  I highly doubt it.

I actually am much further on the Heart wall hanging than this picture, so yes, I do have time to finish it.

While I had the sewing machine out I did take time out to work on the sets of coasters.  Actually, they are also finished, but I'm sharing this picture anyway.

It's the Christmas yo-yo table runner that I am just sure I can not finish in the 5 days I have left.  It's time consuming and I just have so many other things going on that it's so hard to find time to put on more than a few at a time!  If all else fails, I will turn in the valance that I have finished as a table runner.

I have no idea what I will have to show you next week, but hopefully something!

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Meals from the Cupboard

When there is no money for groceries then it's time to start taking a serious look at what is in the cupboards, freezer, and fridge.  That's the week we've had here.
Most of the time we are always thinking, "there is nothing to eat", when in reality, our cupboards and such are pretty packed with food.

My husband had shopped for one meal the Sunday before.  He chose to buy all the fixings for soft tacos/burritos.  I commented to my daughter about how I could have shopped for a few days on what he spend for one meal, but as it turned out, we ate tacos/burrittos for 3 days on what he bought.  In fact, we even threw in a night of chef salad with the taco ingredients and adding hard boiled eggs and some lunch meat cut up. (We did end up on the 3rd time just with refried beans in our tortillas and no meat with the fixings.

Another night my daughter got to looking in the freezer and she found 2 of the thin pork chops from Dollar Tree.   She cooked those up and cubed them.   She then added a packet of onion soup, a can of beef broth, a can of black beans, a can of pinto beans, and a can of kidney beans out of the cupboard.  She also added in what was left of the onion from the taco nights and some cubed boxed commodity cheese.
It was a really good soup and 5 of us ate it for 2 nights.

One night there were 3 tortillas left.  There were also 6 eggs left.  I got out the Eggtastics, and cooked us each 3 eggs, splitting up the little bit of shredded cheese that was left, cutting up a package of Buddig Bull lunch meat that was still left from our camping trip, and cutting some of the onion that was left, I fixed us nice breakfast burritos.  I dig in a drawer and found sauce packets from Taco Bell too.

Join Swagbucks!
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I was paid $25 PayPal by Swagbucks so that gave me a little grocery money.  I used $5 for gas leaving me $20 to spend at the store.  I opened up the ibotta app to see what I could see there.
I spent $19.25 and I bought:
My husband and I each a 2 ltr of Dr Pepper
gallon of milk
package of tortillas
dozen eggs
4 packages of Buddig Bull meats (with $1 ibotta rebate)
Sargento sliced cheese (using 55 cent coupon and 25 cent rebate from ibotta)
Martha White Muffin mix (25 cent rebate from ibotta)
ground turkey (on sale and 50 cent store coupon)
3 bananas
I think I did pretty well with $20 plus I received $1.75 into my ibotta account too.

My daughter made us some good sliders for a meal too!  She used the slider buns that I had brought home left over from the quilt retreat, some of the Buddig Bull meats, and some of the cheese slices.  She topped them with melted butter with garlic salt.  That was an extra yummy treat for a meal!

Last night I had forgotten to take my pound of ground beef out of the freezer, but I got to looking around and I uncovered a package of sausage links from Dollar Tree.  I then seen tater tots that were left over from a time when we had made tater tot casserole.  I used those and made scrambled eggs for a nice breakfast for supper.

All in all we ate really well this week. I wish I had thought to take pictures of our meals throughout the week, but alas, I didn't.   My lesson for this week is to eat out of the least if yours are like ours, and full.  We will be doing this for awhile yet as we get some financial things straightened out.  I know there is still at least 10 lbs of chicken in the deep freeze so it's looking like we will be having chicken several ways this week as well as using up some of the many bags of rice and beans that are stacked in the kitchen too.

No, we didn't have a cat for supper, but I found this picture of Moo in the skillet in my photos and thought I would just share it for fun.

Did you get tired of reading all of that?  LOL  I hope I did give you some "food" for thought today!!
Until next week, have yourself a Frugal week ahead!

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